Siyanakelela is a Furnisher manufacturing and fitting company specializing in kitchen units, bathroom units, bedroom units, living room unit and build in cupboards. Our company objectives, operations and services revolve around the development of multi-units in residential dwelling i.e. town houses, flats, cluster homes, private households, corporate offices and businesses.

 Our company was founded in humble beginnings in Mpumalanga by the incumbent CEO who was a qualified and skilled carpenter with big dreams. As a young tradesman who was also in touch with the finer things in life he ensured himself that he revolutionizes the furniture industry by offering ground breaking designs with a futuristic touch to them.

Five years on he has managed to set up a team which is not only dedicated to quality service delivery but a family who are evolving with the insatiable taste of homemakers ensuring that all stakeholders’ expectations are met accordingly.It is with this that we are proud of our products and the value they add to every household that is installed with them, and the ethos of the company is continue improve ourselves and the work we do for generations to come.